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Used Cisco 4-port second generation Foreign Exchange Office (POTS/analog) Voice Interface Card – FXO (Universal) . FXO port is used to connect to PBX or key system, or to provide off-premises connections to PSTN or PTT. An FXO interface supports battery reversal detection and caller ID. For Cisco 1900, 2800, 2900, 3800, and 3900 series of routers.

  • Provides gateway for Cisco IP phones to PSTN or traditional PBXs and private automatic branch exchanges (PABXs).
  • Provides gateway to PSTN for traditional PBXs, phones, fax machines, and key communication systems connected to a voice, data, and video infrastructure.
  • Echo Cancellation-Cancels echo on tail circuits up to 32 msec (configurable tail length)
  • Silence Suppression, Voice Activity Detection (VAD)-Bandwidth is used only when someone is speaking. During silent periods of a phone call, bandwidth is available for data traffic.
  • Comfort Noise Generation-This feature reassures the phone user that the connection is being maintained, even when no voice packets are being transmitted
  • Private Line Automatic Ring-Down (PLAR)-Provides a direct connection to another digital or analog voice port by lifting a telephone handset on one end. Includes “Trader Turret” PLAR
  • Local/Advanced Voice Busy-Out-Automatically busies out any desired voice trunk line to a PBX or PSTN when a direct WAN or LAN connection to the router or any part of the network to the destination port is down
  • Caller ID Support-Per-port configurable caller ID (with per call un-blocking) over analog FXS
  • Integrated Add and Drop Multiplexer (Drop and Insert)-Performs add and drop multiplexing for voice within a dual-port voice network module. Eliminates the requirement, maintenance, support, and expense of using an external add and drop multiplexer.
  • Hunt Groups Across Cards-Calls can be forwarded automatically to the first available line.

Used in Cisco 2800 and 3800 series of routers.

*The VIC2-4FXO can also be used in Cisco 1900, 2900, and 3900 series of routers.

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