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Used Cisco 4-port EtherSwitch 10BASE-T/100BASE-TX autosensing HWIC. For 1841, 28xx, 3825/45, and 29xx routers.

The 4-port Cisco EtherSwitch 10/100 high-speed WAN interface card (HWICs) is supported on the Cisco 1841/1941, Cisco 2800/2900, and Cisco 3800/3900 series integrated services routers. It offers small-to-large-size business and enterprise branch office customers the option to integrate switching and routing in one device. This combination offers ease of configuration, deployment, and management while using the powerful characteristics of Cisco routing and Cisco Catalyst switching features.

The modular 4-port Cisco EtherSwitch HWICs provide line-rate Layer 2 switching across Ethernet ports using Cisco IOS® Catalyst Software. This HWIC has four 10/100 switched Ethernet ports, with inline power support on all four ports. Features such as port autosensing, quality of service (QoS), VLAN support from 802.1P and 802.1Q standards, and 802.1D spanning tree protocols are standard on the Cisco EtherSwitch HWIC

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