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CCNA Security Lab Kits

“Updated for 2020”

Our Standard level CCNA Security Lab Kit meets the requirements to study and gain the skills that you need to pass the Cisco exam at an affordable price point. If you want more than what the Standard level lab kit provides, check out our Advanced  and Ultimate level lab kits that come with upgraded hardware and additional accessories so that you can setup more complex labs to take your skills even further.

Want to upgrade your CCNA Security Lab Kit later?

If you are planning on going for your CCNP Security certification after earning your CCNA Security certification, we recommend purchasing either our CCNA Security Advanced or Ultimate Lab Kit as they are a great place to start and easily up-gradable to the CCNP Security level whereas the Standard Lab Kit would need the firewall upgraded to the Security Plus license first.

Should you want something beyond what our Standard, Advanced or Ultimate Lab Kits come with, call us to customize your own lab kit to meet your needs.  ♥ We Love to Customize ♥

Training we include:

Click Here to see what we include:  Training for the new version 4.0 exam to be announced.

Training is provided by CCIE Chris Bryant’s video CCNA R&S course which covers the current 200-125 Routing & Switching exam & we include Chris’ CCNA Security (210-260) video course.  These courses have lots of real-world hands-on labs for you to learn from and configure. Your copies are fully licensed by TBA ( and comes with their email support in addition to the free support we provide. *Please note that some additional equipment may need to be purchased to complete every lab as presented by the course instructor. **200-301 training to be announced.

Below are the CCNA Security Lab Kits with a comparison table at the bottom.

Compare Our CCNA Security Lab Kits

Standard Advanced Advanced Plus Ultimate  XE 
ASA/Firewall 5510 Base 5510 Sec Plus 5510 Sec Plus 5506x Sec Plus 5506x Sec Plus
Router One 1941 SecPlus 2901 Sec Lic 2911 Sec Lic 1941 Sec Lic 4331 Sec Lic
Router Two 2801 2811 2811 2901 Sec Lic 1941 Sec Lic
Router Three 2801 2811 2811 2911 Sec Lic 2911 Sec Lic
Switch One 3560 3750v2 3750v2 3750v2 3750v2
Switch Two 2960LanLite 2960LanBase 2960LanBase 2960LanBase 2960LanBase
Switch Three 2960LanLite 2960LanLite 2960LanLite 2960LanBase 2960LanBase
HWIC-1DSU-T1 4 4 6 4 2
NIM-2T None None None None 1
HWIC-4A/S None None None 1 1
WIC-1T 2 4 4 None None
HWIC-1T None None None 3 1
WIFI 1242 1252 1262 1262 1262
Desktop Rack No Yes Yes Yes Yes