About Us

Founded in 2013, Certification Training Solutions was created to meet the ever-growing need for high quality Cisco Lab Kits and to bring these kits to individuals who want to become Cisco certified or enhance their Cisco knowledge. Also, providing businesses equipment so that their employees can study and test configurations on before taking them live. Educational facilities such as elementary schools, middle schools, high schools, community colleges and universities with the very best training and equipment on the market today at a very affordable price.

We are not like those other hardware vendors you will find on the Internet! While some do not have Cisco certified employees and many just push hardware out to their customers, our staff has the technical expertise to recommend the best Cisco certification lab kit for your budget. Whether you are an individual on a tight budget that want’s real equipment for the knowledge that “hands-on” can provide or a college that needs to fill a classroom with Cisco equipment and other specialty equipment, our trained staff can provide the best solution for your needs.

Since we have the technical expertise, we are able to provide support when you are having a problem figuring out why an interface will not come up. Some hardware vendors will not be able to provide that support to you; and that is priceless!

We search out the best Cisco and non-Cisco equipment for your lab. We professionally clean each unit inside and out; including a baked-on paint job where needed. Each unit is then tested for proper operation. This means that every interior piece is tested and cleaned for optimal performance, we even lubricate the fans once tested and cleaned. Sure you can find single equipment on Ebay or another buying site but you never know what the inside of the piece of equipment looks like! Looks do not actually matter in terms of functionality however, if the equipment has dust covering the inside clogging air tunnels and fans or over the connections…you have basically acquired a desk weight until you can figure out how to dissect the issue. It could also be as simple as cables/connectors that are bad or loose. Don’t make yourself play the guessing game! We verify that ALL equipment works properly before it makes it to our inventory then again before it gets shipped to you!  Next, our Cisco certified engineers select the correct switches, routers, and accessories; bundling them with the industry’s BEST training courseware and lab manuals so that you can gain the necessary skills to pass the Cisco test AND have the skills to get that dream job!


Some Cisco Kit providers claim to include “complete” training videos and labs, however, many of these fall short in teaching you the skills that you need to know to pass the test and even less, for on the job. Other vendors provide no training at all. That is why we include legal access to the BEST CCNA and CCNP courses on the market today. We use great instructors such as CCIE Chris Bryant of The Bryant Advantage, double CCIE Kevin Wallace, and others.


***Our order and shipping process is tops!  Once we receive your order the equipment is tested again just prior to shipment then shrink wrapped and bubble wrapped for protection.  Then packed with care and shipped to you almost anywhere in the world!


***Additionally, we provide unlimited technical support! If you have any questions while studying for your certification, just drop an email to our support team and an engineer will promptly get right back to you and help you find the answer to your question.


Our founder, Michael T. Durham, has been in the computer industry since 1982, has owned several successful computer related businesses and holds many industry certifications including: Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer, Cisco CCNA R&S and Collaboration, CompTIA A+ and Security+, and many others.


In 2016 Certification Training Solutions added Lacey Disbrow to its staff at an entry level position.  Lacey was quick to pick up on many aspects of the business and quickly became a key employee.  Lacey brought many skills that helped grow the business, improve product delivery, and enhance customer relations and marketing.  In 2019, Lacey became a part owner of the company and continues to enhance nearly every aspect as the company grows.