Why Certification Training Solutions?

Certification Training Solutions is a world leader in providing "Like New" Cisco Lab Kits
Since 2013 Certification Training Solutions is the "go-to" source for many companies & educational facilities
The quality of our products as well as our customer service will make you feel like a part of our family.

Become a part of the CTS family and you will receive ALL of the following:

* Covid-19 Protection
All Cisco equipment has been cleaned with industrial-strength disinfectant to kill 99% of germs and viruses including Covid-19
* Fully refurbished "Like New" Cisco equipment
You will never have to worry about your equipment not working properly. CTS ensures that all equipment looks & functions "Like New"
» Equipment is cleaned with compressed air and wiped down
» Fans are tested, lubed, and replaced if needed
» Lids are painted and have a baked-on finish for durability
» The system is fully tested
» Shrink warped for protection
*1 Year Warranty
90 days (shipping covered both ways), After 90 days you only pay shipping we repair or replace your equipment for very little downtime
*Full Technical Support
A certified engineer will help you through any stumbling blocks that you may come across
*Training is Included
We provide training to match the lab kit that you purchase. This helps you to get started right away!
*Access to our HUGE collection of software
Our collection contains over 225 GB of data
*Full Customization
CTS will always help design a kit to meet your budget and need! Call or email for a quote and become a part of the CTS family today!

Check out these videos for a quick glimpse into our process
& see why our customer service rating is so high!!!

Take a look at our top selling lab kits!!!

Routing & Switching Advanced Lab Kit

1* 2901 Router

2* 2811 Routers

1* 3750 Switch

2* 2960 Switches

4* HWIC-1T Cards

4* WIC-1T Cards

1* 1252 Wireless Access Point

Desktop Rack w/ Brackets & Plenty of Cables

Routing & Switching CLA-2 Lab Kit

Customized for

Cisco Learning Academy

3* 4331 Routers

3* 2960 Plus Switches

3* NIM-2T Cards

2* 1262 Wireless Access Points

Desktop Rack & Brackets

Plenty of cables

Security Advanced Lab Kit

1* 5510 Firewall

1* 2901 Router

2* 2811 Routers

1* 3750 Switch

2* 2960 Switches

4* WIC-1T Cards & 4* HWIC-1DSU Cards

1* 1252 Wireless Access Point

Desktop Rack w/ Brackets & Plenty of Cables

Check out what some of our customers have to say...

Mark S.

Certification Training Solutions is a truly top class company for any and all who are looking for networking equipment for all certifications. The CCNA Voice lab that I purchased was instrumental in helping me to really grasp the concepts and pass my CCNA Voice exam. The owner is very hands on and customer service oriented man who has consistently gone above and beyond to help me choose exactly what best fits my needs. The product is great and very reasonably priced! It is refurbished but the equipment is really well maintained, comes well packaged, and operates perfectly. Where Certification Training Solutions really shines is with their level of personal customer service. It really is truly astounding and separates this company from the rest that I have contacted. I cannot say enough good things about the purchases I have made here, but I will be a customer as long as I am looking for hardware! Thank you very much Certification Training Solutions for being an absolutely stellar retailer.


Emm Kay

Thank you again for your cooperation in terms of building up a strong and reliable business relationship between us. The all credits should go to you for being a trustworthy and sincere business man that I hop by virtue of such sincerity you will soon be able to reach a Top level IT Equipment provider company. I wish you all the success in course of running your business. I have received the package yesterday around 2 PM New York Time, just after an hour I sent a mail request for the update of shipping. I appreciated your honest effort towards building the reliability. I must recommend you and your company to our Associates.


Pierre Roger Bitoto

This company has demonstrated a superior level of customer care. I have purchased a lab kit from certificationtrainingsolutions.com, and was very satisfied with the service and equally satisfied with the product that I received. Micheal cares that his customers are satisfied. My experience with the store is expressed by the sum of all cares and any time I make a purchase. Micheal listens, he follows up and makes sure that you are being satisfied with the merchandise.


Syed Rizvi

I’ve spent a lot of time on your website and some others that sell Cisco kits. I first want to tell you that your site is BY FAR the most thorough and informative and has stopped me from making several mistakes pertaining to purchasing my first lab. Very pleased with the awesome lab. Awesome job Michael. Thanks, Syed


Gonzalo Rivera 

I would like to sat the following:

  • I always felt secure and satisfied just because communication between this company and myself.
  • I got every time the right information on time and because of this I could make my mind and then order what we need.
  • I want to thank you for the professionality of your services.

Gonzalo Rivera, IT Utbildare in Stolkholm, Sweden


Patrick G.

I just want to sing praises for Michael Durham’s efforts in addressing my needs and concerns as a customer. I was referred to Michael (Certification Training Solutions) by another lab kit provider. I was advised that Michael could make me a custom kit and assess my needs in effort to provide me with an advanced CCNP lab kit, that I could later upgrade to the CCIE lab kit by adding the necessary devices to it. Michael met an exceeded my expectations all while providing excellent customer service and meeting my request. I also received the CCNP course through Chris Bryant and all the necessary cabling, two ip phones and two wireless access points, etc…

The items were shipped using FedEx Ground. I received the tracking numbers from Michael the day the equipment shipped and it was very well packaged (the equipment was cleaned, shrink-wrapped and bubble wrapped).

I only had one issue with a fan that was loose inside one of my routers. He explained how to open it and re-seat the fan with pictures and instructions. I almost forgot that I also have access to be able to get the different images for the routers and switches.

I highly recommend Michael (Certification Training Solutions). Order from them with confidence. You won’t be disappointed.